My name is Tino Zhabinskiy, I am a freelance 3D Artist & Visual Designer with 10+ years of experience designing things.


I worked as a Product Design Lead at Icons8 for almost 3 years. Had a wonderful time launching dozens of great digital products with incredibly talanted team. Got lots of credits in large media such as The New York Times or The Verge.
Before that, I worked with a variety of corporations, SMBs, and startups as a freelance consultant or contractor: I helped them to shape their digital products, gather user feedback, calibrate the best user experience, and find their own look and feel.


I am working as a 3D Artist at Mango Languages. I do a variety of stuff there: creating environments, props, and animations for media assets; do look development of the shots; setting up the layouts; creating materials and textures, etc.


We are creating your next digital project together which will help you stand out in your business field. I almost can see it: smooth motion graphics, curvey 3D shapes, a little bit of animations, and a pinch of visual design.

3D Instagram Stories for GGTV

Blender, Cycles

3D Motion Design for Ado

Cinema 4d, After Effects, Redshift

Stylized Character Sculpting

Blender, Eevee

Bubble Gum Gun

Cinema 4d, Octane Render

Header for Polywork

Cinema 4d, Redshift

GGTV (Motion Design)

Cinema 4d, After Effects, Octane Render

Punchy Hammer

Cinema 4d, Octane Render

Stylized Machine Gun

Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4d, Octane Render

Icons8 25th launch

Blender, EEVEE

Irridescent Skateboard

Cinema 4D, Octane Render

Random 3D studies

Blender, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4d, EEVEE, Octane Render, Arnold Render